I’m active on the social sites below as well on my blog here of course.

Instagram for regular updates and photos, Pinterest for some workshop notes, Twitter and Tumblr for shared music that I’m listening to, with the occasional outdoor, writing or woodwork related piece. My YouTube channel is a dead zone, at some point I’ll put a few workshop reviews on there for the few tools I use that I haven’t seen reviewed by others and perhaps some footage from around the farm.


Photos of whatever’s going on in the workshop, the Irish countryside and a bit cooking from time to time.


Just a couple of boards, with some quick notes about things going on in the workshop and links back to individual blog posts.


Random thoughts; lots of #NowPlaying tunes, occasional retweets from my favourites authors, musicians, and micro-blogs about living in the Irish countryside.


#NowPlaying links and syndicated versions of some of my blog and Twitter content.


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