Axminster No.1 Dowelling Jig - Box


Axminster No.1 Dowelling Jig

I got the Axminster No.1 Dowelling Jig some time back. It is a decent enough piece of kit and does the job. I’d love a Festool Domino but there’s a zero added to the end of the price, even for a secondhand one!

Something I dislike about the Axminster jig is that it nearly fits back into its box after being assembled. If it did fit I could leave it in the box on a shelf or in a drawer, and pull it out whenever I need it but instead I need to make a little box for it.

My pile of 12mm OSB scraps is almost down to nothing (thankfully - getting tired of it) but I gathered enough scrap to make a simple divided box. There was no need for a plan such a simple job. I marked the position of the divider components directly on the base and then cut up the components and gave them all a 120 grit whizz with the sander. A neat trick is to leave the sides long and then trim them to length after glue up!

I estimated the height of the sides from on the highest part plus a little headroom and left the divider low enough that the lower component can be easily pulled out. Then did a dry fit.

Glue up and brad nailing were quick and mostly straight forward. I let one piece slip as a brad nail ricocheted back out and nearly got my finger. I decided not to attempt to start over and instead accepted a raised edge requiring some extra sanding. Then I used some tiny dowels to secure the divider.

I filled some of the voids in the OSB (no point trying to get them all!), sanded the hell out of it and applied danish oil. The instructions are on a single sheet of paper, so they folded once and fit in the bottom under the main body of the jig.

Simple, effective and even has enough space for a bag of dowels!

Fergus N