Record Power Dust extractor meltdown

I use a Record Power CGV286-4 twin motor, 36L barrel extractor. It's completely wrecked despite being just one year old and it's my own fault.

It's a powerful little unit but one that has to be tended very carefully, even when used with a separate cyclonic separator the way that I do because the fine filter clogs quickly.

I cannot blame Record Power for what has happened because I forgot to check the state of the filter bag for a couple of months so it's likely on me that the machine is now in the state below. The mistake that I made is to let too much fine dust build up on the main filter bag and this was in turn caused by the addition of the cyclone to circuit meaning that the barrel no longer fills up so I don't need to check it!

The fine dust has caused the unit to dramatically overheat and appears to have come close to causing a fire. When I opened it up the bag didn't appear to be badly clogged with fine dust but it's the only cause I can think of that would result in the kind of heat build up that would melt the cages causing a collapse like this:

Hopefully it's retrievable. I'm going to rebuild each motor assembly and replace all of the consumables. Giving this a shot is cheap versus going straight out and replacing the unit.

I have ordered new motor cages (the melted black plastic mess around each motor), motor filter bags, motor paper filters, and a new main filter bag. The reason for needing the new filter bags is that the originals are so scorched due to the heat build up. Frankly I'm glad it didn't just implode and go on fire given that sections of each fabric bag are melted into solid material. I can confirm that they are made of synthetic fabric!

I've also ordered the neoprene-like gaskets around the base of each motor and another pair that help retain each plastic cage. When they arrive (probably next week), it'll be rebuild time.