Making a couple of "10 minute" lamps

It is funny how some of the simplest projects are the ones that end up sitting on my bench for the longest time.

Almost two years ago I bought two "bottle lamp" kits with the intention of converting a couple of Edmond Fallot mustard jars into a pair of compact bed site lamps to use on the night stands in a spare room.

The jars are two variations of the Edmond Fallot classic Dijon mustard range (

The lamp units couldn't be simpler, the type where the flex exits above the bottle, so you don't need to even consider the stress of drilling a hole in the bottle.

I ordered mine from Lenehan's here in Ireland for 12 euro each:

I'm in the process of tidying my workshop and I finally got annoyed with myself for moving around two old mustard jars from one shelf to another every few months so I decided to do this little job there and then.

I peeled the label from each cap/bung and first bored a 2mm pilot hole in each at the drill press, carefully held with a clamp to keep the soft plastic bungs at 90 degrees to the drill. This couldn't have been easier thanks to the manufacturing process leaving a round depression at the centre of each bung that was hiding beneath the label. Then I switched to a 22mm forstner bit and bored them out to the final size.

.. and that's it! .. I replaced the bungs in the jars and inserted each holder into one of the bungs. Why on earth did it take me two years to do this?

Now I just need to find a couple of suitable lampshades to conceal the (lets face it - really ugly!) plastic of the lamp holders and they can go into use but hopefully that won't take another two years. ;p


Unknown said…
My Favourite Mustard! Yum!