Christmas Movie 5 - 5th December 2015 - Elf

Christmas Movie 5 - 5th December 2015 - Elf

We watched Elf this evening; it's criminally early in December to be wheeling this one out but my other half isn't feeling too well and I knew it would cheer her up.

Elf has the right balance of cringe and cackle. Sometimes Will Ferrell leans too much on "cringe" but not with this movie. It's way up there in the list of top Christmas movies and I will be watching it again closer to the big day! .. brilliant stuff.

On a side note; I rate the little known and underrated movie "Stranger than Fiction" as the best Will Ferrell has done. It's a dark comedy, which he plays almost straight; Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are also brilliant in it.


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