Christmas Movie 20 - 20th December 2015 - White Christmas

Christmas Movie 20 - 20th December 2015 - White Christmas

White Christmas from 1954 is one of the most famous Christmas Movies ever made but it's one I've struggled to enjoy. This is a personal taste thing rather than anything specific to do with the movie. I'm just not a fan of Hollywood romantic dance movies with crooning song!

There's no denying the massive production investment however, something which I do love about this movie is the set design. The sets are HUGE and detailed. The WWII scenes at the start of the movie last just a few minutes, yet the sets are vast and intricate.

The Vermont, Columbia Inn sets are just as captivating - very amusing are the tardis like qualities of the Ski Lodge, which can somehow handle a full theatre!

I mentioned that I don't like Hollywood dance movies, which is true but I do like dance and appreciate complex choreography and the dancers' skills to execute it. The Florida sequence where Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen dance their way from the dance floor to the docks and back in again must have been so much fun to put together (again great set design) and I love the little "zipline"!

I also like the way the movie goes straight in with its namesake song, no beating around the bush and of course a reference back to Holiday Inn from 1942 where the song first debuted.