Christmas Movie 17 - 17th December 2015 - Scrooged

Christmas Movie 17 - 17th December 2015 - Scrooged

I'm not one of those people who claim that "Bill Murray has never made a bad movie" but there are many, many Bill Murray movies that I love including Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation, Groundhog Day and Caddyshack. In fact, Groundhog Day has already appeared on my Christmas Movie list: Christmas Movie 9 - Groundhog Day.

Scrooged has always troubled me, mostly because it's so dated. This has happened to so many 1980s movies. Also, there's a part of Bill Murray's style that I suspect many people purposefully overlook because doing so is easier than arguing with the Murray zealots. It manifests in the points where his improvs take away from a movie; it's visible in Ghostbusters, it ruins Stripes and is present in many scenes of Scrooged.

I still watch Scrooged every year because I love A Christmas Carol in its many on-screen guises including this one.

David Johansen as Ghost of Christmas Past brings the threatening undertone of the New York Dolls to every scene he's in and interplay between Eliot (Bobcat Goldthwait) and Frank in the shotgun scene is brilliant, including Bill Murray's improvs!!

Above all, Carol Kane as the anarchic Ghost of Christmas Present; is dynamite.

I have wondered if some of Big Bang Theory's Bernadette character is based on Kane's performance in Scrooged: