A perfect machine for enterprise software development?

Apple Mac

It's on mornings like these that I'm confident that a modern Mac is a perfect machine for enterprise software development.

My Macbook Pro has 16GB and a 500GB SSD. It's a 2014 model with a powerful processor and 2GB graphics "card". It is my work horse, to the extent that I use it instead of my - now aging - office computer during the working week too. Hmmn; I should do something about that.

I've worked about three hours this morning and it has been productive. My concentration has been on code, tests, data model and the needs of my users. Instantaneous window changes, source control synchronisation and IDE cache refresh are my willing helpers. At no point have I been frustrated by my platform, had to wait while a processor catches up or had to turn off music to save resources!

IntelliJ IDEA 14 is running, several terminal windows open to various VMs around the world, a VPN to access these and Safari sessions to view the output. MySQL is running locally for my integration tests. Node and Karma too, they are standing by for my live JavaScript client side tests in another terminal window. There are a couple of Chrome sessions open for my Kanban management and product planning tools.

Mac OSX is providing me with the perfect fusion of Graphical User Interface and Unix subsystems to rapdily produce and test software.

My Windows-self of years gone by would have been struggling and stressed, while my Mac-me of today munches on cashew nuts and tries to decide when to take a break and even writes this little blog post.

Apple should really pay me for the free advertising.