Retro gamer: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

I have been playing and enjoying a retro blast and slash through Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast with an hour here, perhaps two hours there over the last month or so.

A few levels into the came I fell foul of a bug during the training section in the Massassi Temple (Yavin Trials).

At the very end of this section you learn to throw and call back your lightsaber. To complete the level you need to cut ropes suspending two counter weights to escape the training room. However, to accurately hit those ropes you need to stand in turn on the two stone pillars facing them, which are also vulnerable to destruction by lightsaber!

Needless to say, when you first receive the power the first thing you do is go around the room destroying everything a thrown lightsaber can reach, including the two stones pillars.

It was a relatively minor distraction thankfully. It's one of those games where it is easy to save regularly, which I recommend doing. In this case, doing so allowed me to return to the point before I trashed the room. I tried standing on the stones I had previously destroyed to see if that would allow me to cut the ropes and made my escape to the next training section.

The game is brilliant, with just the right balance of progression, difficulty curve and interaction. Graphically it is reminiscent of the interior spacecraft scenes of Unreal, the Red Shift sequels and even the underground railway scenes from Half Life. There's that comfortingly "blocky" environment, those of us of a certain age will still enjoy.

I have progressed quickly but carefully, have died several times but never felt cheated by the designers and I think I'm about halfway through the game at this stage.

That said, I'm royally stuck at the moment fighting a seemingly indestructible Sith called Tavion, who appears to have significantly greater powers than my humble Jedi. I suspect I have spent too much time picking off the bad guys sniper-style instead of becoming more experienced with my lightsaber and force techniques by fighting face to face.

She's mean:

It's time to dig out the walkthrough.


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