Simon Community - Fun Run 2011

A few of us are going to be running (staggering in my case) the Simon Community Fun Run in a couple of weeks time, on Saturday 8th October, to help raise awareness of the homeless situation not just in Dublin but all around Ireland. If we can raise a few quid along the way it would be a good thing.

To that end the boss and I have a (rather empty at this time) sponsorship page on the Simon Community website and we'd be very grateful for any donations, small and large for this very worthy cause.

It's nothing short of insane that a country as small as Ireland has such a high level of homelessness.

I'll be the wheezing wreck at the finish line and herself will of course be ready for another run given how much fitter she is than me!

The day itself should be a bit of craic in the Phoenix Park so do come along. Even better, sign up yourself and participate - groups are welcome, kids can come along and join in too -  costumes are optional!