Winding back to "Deus Ex" - Part 2

I finally got around to taking the time to finish out my retro spin through the classic Deus Ex - Invisible War, that I purchased through Steam, and what a great game!

The playability, intertwining storylines and the freedom for the player to choose any of several outcomes to the game (which gradually fall away as you make certain choices) make it a seriously compelling play even against the amazing competition now available within the same genre.

I entered the game straight from playing my way through the original so I fell into the JC Denton ending immediately not realising how much easier I was making things for myself.

I then went back and played for the Renegade ending (or Omar ending) which basically means blow the crap out of everyone, which was much more challenging.

What I didn't get to see because of my choices was either the Illuminati or Templar endings but others have uploaded all of them to YouTube.

As I mentioned in my original Winding Back to "Deus Ex" blog, there are some quirks that you need to be patient with in terms of the game being brought into the Steam environment. These are mostly based around the complete disappearance of the app while it loads the next map. It 95% of the cases it does come back but crashes every now and then to keep you on your toes; save often.

If you run Crystal Desktop, disable it before playing - it doesn't play nice with Deus Ex - Invisible War.

I strongly recommend this game for some serious high end retro gaming; it's easy to not consider it as highly as the original given Deus Ex's classic status but that's not judging the game on its own merits, which are:
  • good stories
  • great playability
  • lovely visuals (factor in the age obviously)
  • some pretty tough game play in places but nothing likely to send a laptop out the window.
One thing I didn't figure out is why NG Resonance and some of her staff are bought directly into the game, locked in the cargo area of the Arcology on the second visit to Cairo - I thought I must have skipped a chunk of plot with my choices at that point. However, having looked up the character on Wikipedia and seeing some similar confusion there, I'm wondering if the game makers cut a bit of unnecessary plot involving her.

An embarrassing note about my progression through the game is that I got to the second tour of Cairo before realising that you could move around bots that you have dominated!! .. talk about making the game more difficult for myself. That leads me to a tip for the Renegade ending; use a bot to kill the other Denton clones.

  • When you get to the Liberty Dock and meet Tracer Tong, don't kill him straight away - instead pretend to be still working for the Dentons
  • Repair Tracer's bots and get him to deploy them to the Statue of Liberty entrance
  • Now you can kill him and strip the area of any ammo, energy cells etc.
  • When you return the Statue of Liberty you'll find the three bots sitting outside
  • Before getting aggressive with the Dentons
    • Listen to what they have to say as far as them asking you to step into the Helios machine
    • Disable both ceiling turrets and the two flame thrower bots
    • Open both doors to the statue base so you can clearly see inside
  • Now you're ready to dominate one of the bots and let rip on the Dentons
    • Watch your health and you should be able to get rid of both Dentons before having to make a break for it; then you can restock your energy cells and pick of the remaining "Greys" one by one with the Magrail
  •  Lastly destroy the link with Helios and you're done!

Roll on Deus Ex - Human Evolution, it has big legacy to follow.. next on my list however is a revisit to the Red Faction series, right back to Red Faction itself.