Pork Stir Fry

This is a tasty pork stir fry! (or chicken or turkey if you wish)

The only part of the recipe I claim is the glug of Irish Whiskey used to deglaze the pan before letting rip with the veggies. I've never seen anyone else using Irish Whiskey for this, although given the fundamentally asian recipe, that's hardly surprising, and I'm sure rice wine and various other local spirits are the norm in the appropriate countries!

These quantities are all "by touch" and serve two people with some seconds if you're little like me. The actual cooking time is just over 10 minutes, don't forget to put your rice or noodles on at the right time. If you're cooking rice put it into boiling water at the same time you start to brown the meat. If it's cooked a little earlier it will sit just fine while you finish the stir fry.

IMPORTANT: Don't do anything until you've got your meat prep'd and into the marinade. So, read the list of ingredients then go straight to prep the meat.


Enough pork for two.. this time round I used pork steak but you can use any of the cuts that suit high speed cooking.
1 large onion; coarsely chopped
2 medium cloves of garlic, very finely sliced
2 medium carrots; coarsely sliced (about 4mm)
1 chilli finely sliced; seeds are a personal choice; I taste a bit of the chilli and then gauge how many seeds should go in on how much I'm crying.
8-10 florets of broccolli
8 medium sized mushrooms, quartered or roughly sliced
About 10 black pepper corns (todo ferg check the picture)
About 10 coriander seeds
About 3 tablespoons of ordinary soy sauce
About 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce
A splash of Nam Pla (Thai fish sauce)
A glug of Irish Whiskey (about a tablespoon)
Some fresh chives (straight from the freezer!)
Some fresh basil (also straight from the freezer!)
Some ground ginger
Some brown sugar
Some chicken stock; home made is best, shop bought fresh stock is second best, organic cubes third, regular cubes last. (Tangent - see Jamie Oliver's simple stock recipe if you want to see how easy it is to make and have a look at Ian Knauer's guide to jointing a chicken to see how easy that is - the two tasks go hand in hand.

However, they aren't strictly necessary for this one, in fact I used an organic chicken stock cube for the stir fry in the pics because I wanted to keep the frozen homemade stock that I had left in the freezer for making a soup)


Heat a dry pan and add the pepper corns to it; move them around occasionally and pop them into a pestle once they've just started to smoke. Grind them finely.

Now do the same with the coriander.

1) Chuck the soy sauce into a large enough bowl to easily contain all of the meat
2) Add about a teaspoon of ground ginger
3) Add half the ground pepper
4) Add all the ground coriander


5) Cube the pork into bite size pieces
6) Add the pork to the marinade in the bowl, use a couple of dessert spoons to gently turn it over until all the pieces are drenched in the yummy liquid. The tip here is simply that two spoons stop you from flicking the marinade all over the place.
7) Prep all of your veg as described in the ingredient list above.


8) Brown the meat, get the oil good and hot for browning the meat; the surface should be lightly rippling but not quite smoking. Using a spatula push the meat out of the bowl facing away from you, this is going to hiss and spit like crazy so you're less likely to get splattered this way.
9) Don't play with it too much, let it brown a bit and then shimmy the wok to brown another part. About halfway through the browning process, sprinkle over a teaspoon or two of brown sugar, this will sticky up the meat nicely.
10) Once browned pop the meat out into another bowl to rest - some useful juices will come out while we're cooking the veg, so don't forget about them
11) Deglaze the pan a couple of tablespoon of stock
12) Chuck in the heavier veg, we're talking the carrots and onions at this point - keep them moving and they'll soak up all of that stock and flavour from the pan.
13) Add a dash of whiskey, let the alcohol boil off - if you don't, it will taste bitter
14) Add the broccolli and mushrooms, fry them for about a minute then add the chilli
15) Sprinkle over the rest of the pepper
16) Add another few tablespoons of stock, put on a lid and steam the veg for about two minutes or so to make sure things are cooked properly
17) Scissor in the chives and basil, and gently stir them well through
18) Let the stock reduce a bit - if you like you can thicken it will a little paste made from a teaspoon of corn flour and a tablespoon of cold water

That's it you're done!