Logical Progression

I have taken the plunge. I had intended releasing the alpha version of Deckwriter before migrating to GWT 2 but as wonderful as GWT prior to version two is, there was one major thing dragging me down; the Firefox rich text cursor bug.

In a nutshell when you create and then focus a RichTextArea class pre-GWT 2 in Firefox - the cursor remains invisible until the user leaves and then re-focuses the text area. Unfortunately that's a no go for a writing tool.

This means that I am delaying the alpha release - probably for at least a month but when the app does hit the ground it's going to be much further progressed than originally anticipated and running on Google's GWT latest platform.

In doing this migration I have also had to make the move to Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA 9, which means refactoring some of the architecture of the actual development project itself. Some things that were possible with the GWT 1.x plugin appear to not work with the version of the plugin supprting GWT 2. For example over riding servlet definitions within the various GWT module XML files to avoid having to launch the Spring framework. Perhaps a reader knows a way around that? .. why wait for Spring to launch when you don't necessarily need or want it to?

.. so why the title?

Well firstly the transition to GWT 2 with IDEA 9 is a logical progression and secondly, while writing this, I'm listening to One and Only from PFM on the Logical Progression - Level 1 anthology.