What's going on?

Over a month since my last post! - what has been going on to keep me from the blogosphere?

The Parisian

I have been aggressively re-editing The Parisian for release in the 2010 Sci Fi Almanac. This story will be illustrated by an old friend of mine and is the second in my Tales of the Stones series following The Gardener. More on that when I hear it.

As many of you know The Gardener was meant to be published as part of the "Maybe Tomorrow" anthology, originally due for release last year but had to be pushed back significantly by the publishers. They're back on track now and the current release estimate for that anthology is early autumn 2010.


A project that I have been working on in the shadows for some time now, is Deckwriter. I'm getting close to the point (eta August) where it will be alpha tested by users, with the public beta to follow by the end of September.

Deckwriter is software for writers.

The focus on writing multi-part documents, fiction, non-fiction or academic - books, scripts, papers and poetry - you name it. The bottom line is creating a tool that is transparent to use, that does not require training of any kind and does not tie the user to any particular way of working. Simplicity is key.

Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming an alpha tester.


Lastly, and as something of an aside; check out this excellent slideshow using the latest version of Chrome or Safari.

It demonstrates some of the new features arriving to the Web with HTML 5and showcases some of the great functionality that we will be able to bring to web applications.

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