Mac without a Mac?

I've been experimenting a little with some Mac OS dock clones for Windows over the last day or so.

At the moment I'm using ObjectDock on my little Alienware M11x (the screenshot to the right - and yes, that's my Mini), it's running Windows 7 and it seems very content with ObjectDock's integration. One little quirk is that you can't (at least I haven't found out how to) increase the autohide rate; I want it to vanish a little faster!

At the office I'm running XP SP3 - the ObjectDock installer repeatedly hung halfway through installation while copying the theme icons so I tried RocketDock instead and it's great! Really quick to setup - no instructions required and I've got a very functional top shifted task bar (auto-hiding) and RocketDock at the bottom. Here's a screenshot; note my rather large desktop - split with VirtualBox running on the right with Linux Mint and on the left we have the visible part of XP with RocketDock visible at the bottom and Balsamiq Mockups open with a prototype view from OpSource Cloud VIP management (load balancing is a very powerful feature of OpSource Cloud).

We'll see how they go - perhaps I'll try RocketDock on the M11x too, so that I'm using the same one in both places. For the newbie user, it "feels" a little more integrated with the OS than ObjectDockThe jury is out on this choice for now.