Hack your Mac; writing is back!

I have waxed lyrical many a time about my Samsung NC10 and what a wonderful netbook it is. Couple that with the combination of a dual boot of Windows XP / Linux Mint and I've got pretty much everything that I want.

The "pretty much" is the clincher. As you have seen in other posts and many a tweet, I've been searching for my optimum writing software combination and I'm oh so nearly there. However, after that earlier post where I pointed out that Scrivener really is "the man" when it comes to my personal writing needs, I realised that all I really want in that case.. is a Mac netbook (sudden intake of breath).

Now of course this has been blogged, speculated, dreamed and discussed for the last couple of years (just Google "mac netbook tablet"). Rumours of announcements for Apple netbooks and tablet variants that have failed to emerge have been abound and thus far the only Mac netbooks have been Hackintoshes, so that's probably where I should go for now.

Unfortunately it's the only thing that the NC10 is not good for! .. you have to change some hardware to get everything to work, an mucking about inside a teeny laptop is a place that I'm not comfortable to go to with my ropey eyesight.

So what netbooks make a good Hackintosh? .. and do any of them match up to the NC10 in terms of reputation? .. and at what level of interest in the Hackintoshing of netbooks will lead Steve Jobs to check the approval box for a netbook scale Mac?

Now even if I do successfully get a nice Mac netbook on the go - I still have the other problem that I don't want to be working from a memory stick for two reasons:
  1. Bad: it makes netbook use on public transport difficult having a "thingy" sticking out from a USB port
  2. Good: working from 2 machines means I always have two copies of my work very up to date - backup for free if you will.
Scooter Software's Beyond Compare has been my close friend for all manner of folder and file comparison for both Windows and Linux use - but there's no decent Mac equivalent. Each of the diff tools that I've demoed has been (really) utter nonsense compared to the industry stalwart that Scooter Software have been producing for the last several years.

The answer? - Sun Microsystem's VirtualBox, running Linux Mint, running Beyond Compare on my Macbook Pro.. now I can sync between the main Mac, notional Mac Netbook and indeed any outboard memory device we can think of as well as working in Scrivener on both machines.

We're really getting close to perfection.

The only problem is the I have to get a new netbook and then Hackintosh it.



jbssfl said…
I believe I say a classmate who had Mac OS X (don't know if it was hackintosh or what) on a Lenovo 10" netbook...
chillyspoon said…
Yep jbssfl - that would have to be a Hackintosh of some sort! Any use of OSX on a machine not produced by Apple is considered one. The Lenovo netbooks are nice little machines too - definitely worth considering! :D
jbssfl said…
I still say the NC10's are nicer! BTW, I just got mine the other day, and installed Crunchbang on it yesterday, and everything works great! Wireless works ootb, no sound/headphone issues whatsoever (I had heard about sound staying on on the speakers when you plug the headphones in). I don't believe the Fn audio keys work, but that is just a simple addition of a few lines to the openbox rc.xml, as is the same with the Fn brightness keys. Although I really don't care about the Fn controls either way.. I'll keep it up all the way anyway on brightness..