Amazon DTP - Kindle, Mobipocket and the "no international authors" policy!

It is a rare occasion that I use my blog for a rant - however today it is required - for today I attempted to register at Amazon DTP to self-publish my books on the Kindle. It's a bit unedited and raw as a result so if I have anything wrong, please do tell me - I want to be wrong in this case!

Imagine my disappointment to find that Amazon are restricting publication to US residents and then imagine my disgust when I found out that if I go through Mobipocket - my work still winds up on the Kindle but I don't get paid! - didn't the audio recording industry have some complaints on this basis?

Of course the fact that Mobipocket is being pulled into DTP is probably related on that end of things. But that doesn't explain the fundamental question; why in the hell don't Amazon DTP accept international publishers? - it's nonsensical. Now before anyone starts waggling a "tax issues" finger I feel I should point out that this is an elderly and long since solved problem - including by Amazon themselves with their Marketplace.

Now let's add some more to the soup - noticing the age of the thread on DTP I decided to refresh the query for my fellow authors that live outside of the US. DTP will let me log in with my Amazon ID - in fact Amazon are quite happy to take my money for other Amazon goods and services - but whenever I click "reply to thread" I get bounced back to the log in screen. Argh! Oh and yes, I tried that in IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome in case you are wondering. Forgive me if I'm starting to suspect a conspiracy.

So that's where we are. Rubber hosed by what really smacks of lack of experience in dealing with international payments - which is quite ironic for a veteran like Amazon.

Perhaps some of this is why Amazon have repeatedly pushed back the release date of the Kindle in Europe.  I say go out and buy yourself a Sony PRS-505 and forget about the Kindle until Amazon get their act together, I got one for my fiance for her birthday and it's great.


Calista Taylor said…
I'm not sure if you'll have any better luck with Barnes & Noble. They just came out with a reader a week or two ago.

It really is pathetic that Amazon won't allow international authors to publish via Kindle. Hopefully that will change soon.