Words per day? .. the @inkyelbows way..

One of the quirky things that I find about writing is actually making myself get down to do it. All the way through school, college, mature study, song writing and now writing fiction, I have always had a problem with getting down to it. I guess primarily due to its part time, after work nature. Writing fiction has to play second fiddle to my mortgage paying first.

One way I have found to alleviate this everso slightly is to take on a little challenge by @inkyelbows - quite simply she has put a number of personal challenges out there to motivate the flagging writer to get a little done every day.

I've gone for the sensible 500 words a day challenge; realistically I'm hitting between 300-400 but that's ok; it's informal and I'm only competing with myself. The passion to get the stories that have been bouncing around in my mind into a form that others can consume fuels me in getting those few words down every day no matter how tired I am or how little time there appears to be.

For any other part time writer who feels a little tired - perhaps a bit jaded when the pressures of the rest of life get in the way of writing - I recommend this simple approach.

To put it in my own words, small bites make for big eating!