"The Gardener" in "Maybe Tomorrow" by Mythica Publishing

I have not been writing fiction for very long, at least little that involves completion. For the last couple of years I have been putting off working on a series of novels, while I completed my part time studies. With that done, I prepared myself to get the first novel moving, only to be immediately distracted by a tweet from @essntialwriters (http://essentialwriters.com/).

The tweet promoted an invitation for writers to submit short stories to Mythica Publishing for an anthology of eight futuristic thrillers to be called "Another Time, Another Place". Having thought a little, I traveled a ways back in time before the events of one of the novels to flesh out a little pre-history in the shape of a short story called "The Gardener". I had four weeks of writing after work to get it done, edited and in. Thankfully my other half is a natural - which stands to reason given the quantity of books that she consumes each year - together we were able to iterate through the versions of story pretty quickly and I managed to get it in on time.

It turns out so many stories were submitted that the publishers decided to produce not one but two anthologies. As well as "Another Time, Another Place", a second anthology called "Maybe Tomorrow" will be published, also containing eight stories. I believe that both will be hitting the shelves in the fall of 2009.

To my own surprise and great pleasure, "Maybe Tomorrow" will include "The Gardener", which I guess could be considered a prelude to the first novel, which I hope to be publishing in late 2010.

The synopsis of "The Gardener" is below and the cover of Maybe Tomorrow shown opposite. Over the next while I will be assisting in the promotion of this book through an offshoot of the Mythica Publishing website, the synopses of all the stories in the anthology will be published there along with bios of the various authors, excerpts and other promotional material as we approach the release date of the book.

The Gardener by Fergus Neff
Argarrai is a retired space port manager. His successful life has been marred by the suspicious death of his wife and their younger daughter. Visited on his death bed by a stranger, he is given an intimidating proposition - to accept the responsibility of becoming the caretaker, the Gardener, for a universe - in reward all his questions will be answered but at what cost?

I hope you enjoy it and the other stories in the two anthologies when they come out later in the year!

I'll post then with the ISBN codes for both print and e-book versions.

Maybe Tomorrow website: http://mythicaweb.com/maybetomorrow/
Twitter: @mayb2morrow


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