Just some thoughts

It has been a strange time of late. Work has become increasingly busy with our most significant phase of development since being acquired. The word "cloud" is on everyone's lips across the software industry - more and more so among CFOs in various verticals. Even in non-software circles they are throwing the term around; it's a fad in full swing. As for us, we're putting in a genuine effort to produce something of real value within the space. It's intensely hectic and I hope people like the results when we launch the public beta of our cloud offering later in the year.

The southern hemisphere continues to be a source of decent music, thankfully so because Britain has become a mulch producer; 80s pilfering double-stitched to whatever the latest piece of technology Roland and Korg release, then cellotaped to the outputs of the latest analogue synth to be in vogue. It's all getting a bit boring - in fact I find myself wishing for a little acoustic guitar more and more often. A well written song please.

On the writing front things are very interesting, the novel is starting to take shape, at least structurally. I'm trying to hold back on the main body of writing until I have a clear idea of the plot - admittedly it's a bit like trying to hold back a horse that has been well fed and stabled for a couple of days. Green and fresh to say the least. Every now and then I get frustrated and lash down a complete section. I may post some partials later in the year.

A short story - the lead in to the novel - is due to be published in about five months, assuming all goes well with the publishers - it's difficult to know in these turbulent times. Fingers crossed anyway, it's agreed in electronic form at this point.

I just listened to a Pink track, it was bloody awful.

Phew - I'm now listening to the fantastic "Here comes it slowly" by French rock punksters Noir Desir. It was on the album Tostaky in 1992 and a present from my sister - what a contrast to Pink's drivel.

From there it's on to "The end of a love affair" by Billie Holiday, mellow and relaxing, another great track.