Witchazel and Grooveshark

Been listening to this album quite a bit recently. Matt Berry is more generally known as the booming-voiced comedy actor in shows like "The Mighty Boosh" and "The IT Crowd":

While he has previously demonstrated his musical prowess in "Garth Merenghi's Darkplace"

it turns out he's also been running a parallel career as a (relatively) serious musician - "Witchazel" is his third album.

Despite the mad album cover and some off-the-wall song titles, this album is mostly played straight, a mix of early-70s folk-rock, pastoral-pop and prog (with Berry playing all the instruments).

It also features an alleged guest appearance by Sir Paul McCartney, though online comments suggest this may actually be frequent Macca-impersonator Peter Serafinowicz

BTW the above links are embedded via excellent music search and streaming service Grooveshark. It has an incredibly large and diverse catalogue and a really slick interface, though I suspect it will eventually be smacked down by the music industry in much the same way as Muxtape and Mixwit (they have the Beatles available for a start...). Definitely check it out though before the lawyers go to work on it.

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