Dual core netbooks are arriving...

Dual core netbooks are finally starting to appear. The first one to catch my attention is the *VERY* slick Everun Note from Raon Digital. It's a tiny little machine, thanks to some major space saving by eliminating a mouse pad entirely - using an optical sensor instead.

It uses a clocked-down AMD Turion X2 processor (at 1.2GHz) which should make performance substantially better than the 1.6GHz single core Atom N270 that we are so used to seeing in just about every other Netbook. However this is only when running on external power - on battery it runs at about 800Ghz giving performance similar to that of the N270.

Apart from the obvious size advantage (in portability terms at least), the Everun Note has a couple of other super features. First an easily accessible mini PCI slot with corresponding SIM card slot so you can 3G it up, second a USB-B port allowing it to be used as an external hard drive for hooking up to you main laptop or PC- this is a kick ass feature given netbook's intended high mobility usage.

Here's a nice little walk around the machine on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAmppkKOtCY

This little machine has lots more to offer including a touch screen (that folds flat), and as the first of the truly next generation netbooks, I think it is nicely spec'd. Naturally price has suffered somewhat being the early entry to the market, on eBay running at around 500 euro (Buy It Now) from Japan.

I look forward to seeing what else crops up in this space over the next month or two; I'll probably hold off until the first 10" dual core netbooks arrive as I find the smaller machines too heavy on my eyes - that's just me of course.