The Myths of Innovation

As you can see by the dates on my posts - I'm really up to my ears with my studies and a major new project kicking off at work. Not long to go now thankfully, just have to keep my head down for another 3 months and I'll be able to bank the masters diploma - part time study as a mature student really is a killer timewise. I admire anyone who attempts it while having kids to look after as well!

So anyway - the briefest of mini blogs, a blog tweet if you will. I've been reading The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun and just wanted to say how excellent it is - I recommend it to anyone who feels the flame of entrepreneurism burning inside, whether a student, employee, business owner or manager and no matter how experienced you are. It's entertaining, comforting and discomforting, and you may find it challenges the way you manage your own business.

Worth catching is this fantastic presentation he made at Carnegie Mellon, related to the material in the book.

(embedded YouTube video -

Also - and not wishing to wax lyrical as I have tweeted a bit about this lately, I want to mention Windows 7 (Beta 7000 - Ultimate Edition) on netbooks - specifically my Samsung NC10 - it utterly rocks.

Please, please, please MicroSoft don't do this crippling Starter Edition rubbish to Netbook users just to crudely segment the market - sell it cheap and sell millions.