MySpace Profile 2.0

What on earth are MySpace thinking with their user type restriction on access to Profile 2.0 (released last November)?

I updated my own chillyspoon profile that represents this blog, to experiment with Profile 2.0 and thought it was good enough to go straight and do something similar with chillyferg (my musician profile), only to find that I was still restricted to the old profile facilities with entirely manual CSS application.

Currently Profile 2.0 is not available for IE 6, filmmaker, musician or comedian profiles. IE 6 I can totally understand, it's an out of date browser - the rest however have me fascinated, given that it's several months since the original launch.

Perhaps they are still waiting to see the level of user buy-in before doing a complete roll out, or maybe it is an internal project that has lost its champion or is falling victim of cutbacks?

From the user perspective, one thing that I have noticed is that because Profile 2.0 really stretches what the browser is capable of, it struggles on my Netbook (Samsung NC10 with 2GB of RAM). It seems happy enough in Firefox on my Macbook Pro, also with 2GB of RAM.

It will be interesting to see what they have planned in this, um, space. I hope they do roll it out to musician profiles soon - I for one will use it.


PS - I know the colours need tweaking in my profile for The Blogarhythm and as for the fonts in the RSS reader application.. what plonker designed that!? - it's a remote iframe reading from my feed of the blog but you only have control over the fonts, with no facility to inject CSS.. eejits. Have they never heard of a microsite? .. when I get my course over with I'll write a better one and publish it.