Sometimes it feels good to look back..

I really have to thank Liam for this.

This is the blog post where I had embedded a wonderful MixWit mix tape - unfortunately they've been taken off "the air" (see later post) so it's now just a forlorn placeholder where wonderful tunes were once found.

I hope you enjoy this lot. You've heard me babble on about most of them many, many times before. It's a short tape but a sweet one.

Those of you getting the email feed, here's the link:


shweeney said…
dodgy demo version of the La's in there Ferg - sort it out!

good tunes! (except for the Editors..)
chillyspoon said…
I couldn't find a good version - there were several listed in the various searches but they all showed up as dead tunes when added to the mix tape list. :( :(

I like that Editor's tune.. admittedly it's a lot younger than the rest of the list.