Yeasayer, Yelle and Lene Lovich

(Remember if you're receiving this through the email list, that you probably won't see the embedded videos without clicking through to the blog)

Things are incredibly busy again, the final (yes, final!) module in my Open University course has kicked off and I find myself immediately under an avalanche of material to absorb.

Thankfully this time it's the closest to my heart in terms of interest. The course is called "Creativity, innovation and change" and is part of the MBA program; as well as being eligible for the Computing for Commerce and Industry program that I am submitting it towards.

As predicted this means that we are straight back to "mini blogs" and sporadic tweets until next April when it will quieten down for a full year before I do the work necessary to finish the MSc.

Music-wise I have three little gems for you:

1) Yelle - Je veux te voir: French bouncy, electro synthpop with some distortion chucked in at the end as a taster of the inevitable thumping club remix.

2) Lene Lovich - New Toy .. a sweet reminder of some fun from the 80s

3) Yeasayer - Wait for the Summer, this is a strange 'un and video reminds me a bit of the promo for Human Behaviour by Bjork. It's a total grower.

Well, that's it for this evening, enjoy :)