Satin Gum

You know within seconds.

I got a MySpace friend request from these guys and within a few seconds of the start of "No We Are Not Naming Our Kids After IKEA products" I knew that I was going to love this band. They've got a brilliant name too, Satin Gum.

It's the perfect way to come down off the last 6 months part time study on top of my fulltime job, trying to keep the band going and getting the first threads of a novel together. I have a three week reprieve before it all starts again for the final, thank John Shaft, yes the final module in the diploma that I need to achieve my masters. It's long since ceased to be about the qualification and more about a personal challenge - to finish the damn thing. I hope it feels right at the end, I've put so many things on hold for this, including music.. now that's committment.

There's a bit Sonic Youth-ish discordancy, Teenage Fanclub melody and *something* that I can't put my finger on with these guys - maybe a drop of REM, Low or Band of Horses, maybe even Dinosaur Jr? - that's quite a recipe and it works, I'd love to see these guys live.

Hopefully they'll kick it to a wider audience and be able to spread their wings to this side of the Atlantic. You'd be welcome in Dublin lads. Here's a link to the Satin Gum EP on iTunes, which I've just bought. Check out their MySpace page for the gig schedule.

In a complete and total contrast I want to introduce you to Art of Oryx. This is a total contrast, jazz, electronic/ambient and melancholy. Have a listen to "First Book Trailer 1", it (quite appropriately) is the right place to start for their music. Leads you in quietly and without being scary. Then move on to "The Village and the Sea" and you'll start to appreciate where it's going. To be honest I haven't made up my mind yet - but given that it took me quite a while to *get* Sigur Ros; I'm letting that be a positive rather than negative sense of trepadation.

I'm going to leave it at that for now - a teeny step back into blogland, two very different and interesting acts to check out.

By the way, did anyone else see Glen Campbell live on Jools Holland's show last night? - my god.. he's still got it.. jayzuz, it's on YouTube already!

.. wonderful (and better than friggin Coldplay were, that's for sure).


chillyspoon said…
I should also have mentioned - that's Mick Fleetwoods shoulder you can see in the freeze frame of the YouTube video there, how cool is that?

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