Comfort Food

It has been a tricky week or two, my eyes have been giving me grief since the exams and I've been unwell: consultants, hospital visits, tests, that kind of crap. On top of that, the tv has packed its bags and gone to Fuckedville leaving me with the tiny one from the bedroom looking really bizarre and out of place on our living room tv stand. At least I can continue to sit here like a vegetable watching Scrubs repeats.

So what can you do in these situations? The answer is simple. Break out the comfort food.

In my case that means very specific sets of music, we're talking 80s REM, 90s England and a tweak or two of the 00s in the form of

Fields - Everything Last Winter and Sigur Ros' insanely beautiful 2008 album "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust".

From REM I'm choosing Pilgrimage from Murmur, Pop Song '89 from Green, the Flowers of Guatamala from Life's Rich Pageant and Feeling Gravity's Pull from Fables of the Reconstruction.I urge you listen to all of these tracks. Here's a video of REM doing Pilgrimage live in 2003, I think the crowd's reaction says it all. I'm probably not exaggerating to say that it was this song (and I guess Carnival of Sorts on the Chronic Town EP) that made me want to write songs.

From 90s England, first, I want Disc A from Logical Progression, Level 1 by drum n bass legend L.T.J. Bukem, it's one of the best driving albums ever, makes the old right foot a lil heavy if you get my "drift". Here's Demon's Theme, crank it up really loud and close your eyes (not while driving).

Then on to the serious comfort food, Leave Them All Behind and Unfamiliar by Ride, and Where Angels Play by Stone Roses, I'm tempted to bring in Slowdive or Catherine Wheel but I'm going to save them for an even more rainy day.

The impact Where Angels Play had on me was subtle when I was younger, I didn't know why it was so damn cool. Gorgeous tune with the cutest little guitar solo kicking in at the end. Get Ride, Stones Roses, REM and The Smiths onto one record and you'd have every reason I took up the guitar. Hmmn, well maybe Led Zep, The Beatles and Metallica should get a mention too... :D (Ignore the I wanna be adored sleeve by the way, it's the right tune)

To raise you out of retrospective blues, we've got the opening track of Fields' Everything Last Winter, Song For The Fields - when that tune kicked in the first time I listened earlier this year, I was grinning like an idiot. It's energetic, fresh faced, lively and as bouncy as a horny chubber on cheap speed. The video is really great, it's dark and grim. Actually it reminds me of Tool's video for Stinkfist, not quite as threatening but on the same path - The album version of the Song For The Fields *IS* better though. Buy it. Moving on from this album listen to The Worst Love demo on their MySpace page, nice track.

Lastly Sigur Ros and með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, I love this album, it slides gracefully from pop to instrumental and ambient with ease. I sometimes get frustrated that I don't speak the language, I'm sure that I'm missing much of the intent - but their music is so great at the simplest of listening levels; it sounds and feels wonderful, that perhaps that doesn't matter.

So there we have it. Some comfort food for those down trodden days when the world seems a little scary.

By the way green lentils go really well with a home made italian tomato sauce, with big chunks of Clonakilty black pudding in it. Yum.