Simply Beautiful..

I was lucky enough last night to be feeling a bit "wakey" so when I switched off my Mac at 11.30 I went back into the living room instead of making the left turn to the bedroom, despite that fact that I knew my missus was going to wake me up when she got up at 5am to take her horse to the RDS.

I flicked on the tv and was grateful to find the Culture Show starting on BBC 2, I assume it was a repeat at that stage - there was certainly a lot more swearing in the post-watershed screening.

It was a bumper episode with a great piece on Metallica and the amazing Vasari Corridor of self-portraits in Florence but what really blew me away was Goldfrapp's opening performance of their track "Eat Yourself". Obviously I'm biased given my love of finger picked guitar - so the use of the harp for the hook is right up my street; the orchestration of the whole tune is perfect - fantastic vocals and really really mature and restrained use of instruments.

Goldfrapp Eat Yourself on the Culture Show from Mike Owen on Vimeo

Can anyone else hear the Glen Campbell version of Wichita Lineman in the sound they've used on the bass guitar?

Here's something completely unrelated but rather lovely; Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billy Joe.

Another mini-post anyway, I'm off work to study today and I slept in 'til 10am (did you stay up late?.. ahem) so I should get down to it.