Slightly frustrated...

Is the proliferation of free/open source tools targeting specific areas of UML rather than trying to tackle the whole chebang an indication of the general lack of understanding about how to use UML flexibly? Or perhaps it's just plain lack of need for a complete CASE tool on the vast majority of software projects?

With massively decreased allowed time to market, the need for supposedly enterprise class applications deployed to the web while you wait and of course Web 2 dot oh please no - perhaps the time for CASE tools came and went while someone was searching for a CASE tool to design the be all and end all of CASE tools with.. and the likes of Rational remain the domain of the big four and organisations with enough scale to allow a five year cycle for delivery of an internal project.

This mini rant brought to you by a guy who has just spent over an hour trying to produce the most basic collaboration diagram with MaxUML - unsuccessfully.

The thing is, I can't hammer it as an application because it's quite simply the best in the price range.

Argo is so close.. .so so close.. just step up the domain and design modeling areas and it'll be competing n a level field. Communications diagrams, qualified associations with value identities please.

Sorry, this has nothing to do with music, I'm just really tired, I've got a sore throat and I'd love to be playing guitar instead of trying to produce UML.


yanic said…

Big case tool vendors focus mainly on supporting as much features as possible and just don't pay that much attention to details - hence the (often) low usability of their products. It makes one wonder if they even use their own tools on a regular basis..

Smaller vendors are usually people who became frustrated with the low usability of big case tools and decide to create a better solution (like me!).

Unfortunately, there's often a lack of time/manpower to build a good UML tool that does ALL diagram types (well).

About your complaint : if you want to get your interaction diagrams done quickly, take a look at Trace Modeler, a UML sequence diagram editor.

It isn't free, nor is it open source.. But it is a lot better ;o)

Feedback is always welcome!
chillyspoon said…
Thanks Yanic - I'll check it out! :)

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