Thanks Jools

I'm tired - like really really bloody tired and I'm not sure if it's being made worse by Spiritualized who are currently across the way on Jools Holland's Later playing Sweet Talk. It's a good song but they've always been just a little too downbeat for me; I have some friends who rate them very highly but I like a little more red mist with my guitar noise.

It's been a long week; I've been working with the two Kens. One at work, where we've been hammering away on various new features for OpSource™ Billing and one in the studio, where it's been a sweaty struggle getting to grips with our new Roland V-Drums setup. Realising the potential of this new way of recording is going to take some time but I think, hope, that it's going to yield great results. As it happens it's the method of recording that The Feeling have used for both of their albums so far. I can only hope that we have some of the songs ready to share soon, Darren is settling in on the bass, getting up to speed on the set. Feverishly writing basslines from pretty much scratch, for some thirty songs isn't a trivial task. Hats are off dude.

The lethargy arrived just minutes after being utterly energised by an acetic and aggressive performance by Santogold of her current single Les Artistes - what a strong track and with a kickass video n'all. I can't wait to buy the album.

Also, a simply beautiful rendition of Killing the Blues by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant from their album Raising Sands. It's an album which hasn't (thus far) sat well in my collection; despite being a massive Zep and AKUS fan - so I should be the ideal demographic!

Christ this is a pretty good episode of Later, Chris Difford (former band mate of Jools Holland in Squeeze) just sang a brilliant tune called "Battersea Boys", Emmylou Harris is singing now (stunning as ever) and we've also had The Fratellis; an act I'm not quite ready for yet - they're so hot right now.

That's it for now - I might go on a geek-fest next week as I'll be getting my hands on an Asus Eee Pc 900 - first one in Ireland perhaps?