Spring Winter Spring Summer

Argh! This weather would drive you potty! It has me thinking though, I'm
pretty sure that somebody (Most likely Liam) could write a thesis that
reflects how the change in weather somehow manages to reflect the change in
mood of the listener.

In Ireland we have schizophrenic weather. Luckily the musical calendar will
accommodate this. In the last month or so my music collection has been
bolstered by new material from different genres. I attribute this varied mix
to the dramatic changes in weather.

Does it offend you yeah
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Bright Eyes
Bobby McFerrin
Black Keys
Utah Saints

Ok the Bright Eyes album,


This from about 2 years ago but I'm only getting around to listening to it now so this makes it new to me :-)

With new material from Tindersticks, The Ting Tings and the excellent Sigur Rós there should be a good summer ahead both musically and meteorologically.

Anyway back to my point, Yes there is one. I woke up this morning (late as usual) jammed on my iPod to shuffle my tracks. Jumped on my bike and off I go.

First up was Bright Eyes with a song called "No one would riot for less". This is a song that I shouldn't like but for some reason today I do. It's sunny out but its also bloody freezing cold. I'm running late so I don't have time to go rooting through my pockets to hit next. It's a political song, not my usual cup of tea but damn you it's a grower. As a result I'm going to be giving a bit more time to this album later on.

Track and video can be viewed at the usual location.

"No one would riot for less"

I've hit a hill. The sun is in my face. It's warm and the track has changed. Next up is Does it offend you yeah with a track called "With a Heavy Heart". I don't think Stephen Roche pedaled this fast to win the Tour De France.

I would encourage you to introduce this to your gym workout or as a power song while jogging. This song does come with a Warning! If you use this track while practicing Martial Arts you will be wanted for murder! What a tune.

"With a Heavy Heart..."

Downhill all the way to work now. Freewheeling in, Its still sunny. Foals with "Balloons" is on. Its a cracking pop song and this is a band that I can't wait to see at this summers Electric Picnic. The track takes me right to the front door at work and sets me off in a good mood. Its very
rare I turn up to work in good mood unless I have had my coco pops.


It's almost Five. Day is almost over. It looks kinda dreary out. I have cheated already to see what track is up next. Its Portishead, "Machine Gun" Something tells me I'm going to be soaked by the time I make it home.

"Machine Gun"

Article by,
Mike Moloney