Sunday morning back ache.

Seeing as Mike mentioned the Ting Tings, I feel obliged to do a little follow up post.

It's about 7.45 in the morning, it's Sunday - I was woken up at 5am by my other half getting up to go to a show jumping competition and for some reason my back is fucked. That happened yesterday and I don't know what the hell caused it - I wasn't even doing anything, just walked from the bedroom to the living room. One second I'm fine - the next I'm in pain and can't bend over.

So here I am, about to watch the start of the London marathon and with 4Music on in the background. A two song sequence really catching my attention.

First up - Goldfrapp - A&E

Stunning video, really original, with the beautiful Alison in the middle of a forest while around her, patches of leaves and the surrounding foliage come to life and dance to this chilled pop song (which has a distractingly edgy and breaky, arpeggio'd middle section). Every time I hear her voice I fall in love with how she can dip down to lower ranges and still sound perfectly smooth, they've really focused on that in this mix.

Immediately following A&E came the Ting Tings - Great DJ
Liam has already mentioned this track in a previous entry and it's great. I love this tune, it's simple, nicely produced and very, very catchy. Admittedly, there's something about the video that irks me and it may just be the more than striking, body language similarity between herself and Debbie Harry - is it an affectation? - I don't know, I've never met her (or Debbie Harry). Since I don't know, I can only assume innocence and with a track this good and a video that's otherwise this good, I think guilt could should be forgiven as a nod to the great anyway. I could listen to it all day. I have to echo Liam's frustration at not being allowed to embed this video directly from YouTube - so I've embedded it from MySpace TV; the cynic in me is crying at the exclusivity arrangement that's clearly in place there, at the cost of the availability of the media to the fans - i.e. those who consume it and ultimately pay ALL the wages.

The Ting Tings -Great DJ

My back is starting to hurt again from sitting here slumped over my Mac, so I'm off. I suspect I'll be going to the doctor rather than to work tomorrow morning :( .. and considering I'm meant to be driving across the UK next week, I'm more than a little worried.

Enjoy the Moto GP - go Rossi, it's time for the come back!!