Driving in the Shade

A grey Saturday morning accompanied by passionate music by Shade, a band from Pittsburgh in the US. The tunes remind me a lot of modern UK acts like The Longcut and dark, introspective stuff from Joy Division. Metal Drums also has a lot of Sonic Youth and Breeders about it. I challenge you not to hear Interpol in Wide Eyed.

Good tunes all, that have me moving from MySpace to iTunes in a move of instantly gratified consumerism. Of course the feeling was then scuppered by having to jump through several hoops as iTunes tells me (after searching for the album and clicking "add to cart") that I can't buy it from "this store" and I must use the iTunes Ireland store.

A) There's no way of explicitly selecting a store
B) It doesn't tell me what "this store" is.

Surely Apple's developers can do better than this.. you know who I am and where I am from my iTunes login, iTunes machine authorization and IP address - just take my search criteria and throw them down the right pipe, stop wasting my time.

Back on track, the album "Arms Raised On Rooftops" is dowloaded, my Mac humms softly and the CD is promptly burned for listening in the car on the way over to my parents place for some free food. Carpet bagging as my Dad refers to it. It isn't my fault they buy tasty stuff and then leave it lying around.

Driving is a pleasure these days - I've just collected my little plastic car from England where it was having some modifications done and as a confirmed petrol head I'm really enjoying the increased performance that the new engine has brought and the upgrades to the brakes and suspension have improved the handling massively. I can now avoid the bank manager and the nice people from VISA with greater and safer haste. Getting a stereo fitted was a religious choice, extreme car fans will tell me I'm betraying the cause and pragmatists will buy Arms Raised On Rooftops and enjoy listening to it while they drive to the shops.

The drive back on the A roads through Wales was spectacular and fun as always. It's a part of the world I really love, towns like Llangollen and Betws y Coed - the A5 winds its way through breathtaking mountainscapes, it's a driver's dream. There was still plenty of snow on the peaks which is pretty amazing really for the last week in April. The photo was taken on the bank of Llyn Ogwen by the way.

That's all for now - listen to Arms Raised On Rooftops by Shade, it's good stuff.