OpSource, LeCayla and changing times

OpSource acquires LeCayla Technologies - this is pretty exciting, so I'm doing a mid-week mini-blog!

I've been with LeCayla for over two years now and a point of achievement has been reached with the company acquired by SaaS experts, OpSource.

It's great news for both companies. With the LeCayla technology integrated, the OpSource ecosystem becomes a richer and more functional environment for their (our!) customers. From the LeCayla perspective, particularly for those who have put a little heart and soul into it for the last few years, it's great to have this validation of the work and an acknowledgment of our belief in a set of ideas that many, across the software industry, said would never take off.

As always there's a musical angle, the tunes that have accompanied late night working and have been the backdrop to the many pub conversations about the development of the various versions of the LeCayla system. This time I'm also reminded of listening to podcasts on flights to and from Boston; Cornelius Fichtner's "The Project Management Podcast" and my personal favourite; the Stanford Technology Group - "Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders" seminars. I recommend the latter to anyone who wonders why I get so enthusiastic about startup business.

The music at this time revolved around a concise set of albums; Editors, The Backroom, Interpol , Antics, and The Longcut, A Call and Response - which I was consuming on repeat. That's it for this mini-blog. Back to the full version at the weekend. If you haven't already listened to those three albums, get on it! :D