Excitement burns in favoured pastures

(It's a bit of a chaotic entry this week, I was very tired when I tried to pull it all together!)

Excitement burns

Well it's midnight on Saturday night and it's been a busy day. We (The Credits) jammed in Loop Studios in Dublin this afternoon, it started off a little tentative and ended up being a really productive session with two new songs ("Falling" and "I've Never Felt So Alive") and taking shape really well.

We finished the session with a searingly aggressive guitar and drum ending to I've Never Felt So Alive and I think all of us felt the buzz, I can't wait for these songs to be heard, I'm really excited about them. Here's a rough recording of Falling (see bit about how it was recorded further down the blog).


Then, later, some work stuff came up and I've been trundling away on that since about 6.30. In the background I've been listening to Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan and Sara.


Death Cab for Cutie write great bouncy pop tunes that are immediate "sing along"ers. Have a listen to "Crooked Teeth", it's a really great tune. There's something of Weezer about these guys. As for Tegan and Sara, just WOW, everything from great voices to real life lyrics and sounds that just feel right. I must have cycled through their MySpace player five or six times during the evening; songs of note are "Back in Your Head" and "The Con". I hope these girls come to Ireland soon.


Favoured pastures
I'm back where I started out - I've bought a Macbook Pro (cheers Al). I'm writing with it now, or at least I was.. things are complicated and I'm tapping on my Toshiba at this moment. The Mac's great. I recorded the version of "Falling" embedded above, with its built-in microphone the other day.

My first tentative forays into the world of the PC were using my uncle's ZX81 and Apple II back in the mid 80s. Then my Mum's Apple IIgs and early Macs.

Seeing the Mouse Desktop (loaded from a single floppy) windowing environment on the Apple IIgs made me scoff at Microsoft 's Windows when other's were singing its praises and it was the difference in user experience that has made me "user aware" in everything I've done since. If you forget about your user you have no product, no matter what magic you may be performing "under the hood". If you are going to deliver your software using the web then you'd better remember that the user is everything.

While writing the draft of this blog entry I listened to some music by Woven, they're a bit like Mum or Sigur Ros meets Explosions in the Sky. Woven are from LA and I think that comes across in the music, a little anarchic and forboding, slightly industrial break beats and something akin to Linkin Park about the arrangements. Start with "Where we going", it's really great music and a fitting sound track to exploration of my new Mac.

Speaking of music that awakens the sleeper, check out Brooklyn noise merchants, Dub Trio. These are agitated tunes to make you feel uncomfortable and ready to take on whatever challenge life throws at you next. The vein of aggression is more exposed than with Woven and this is music to throw yourself into and expect a bloody nose in return. Listen to "Not Alone" and "Felicitacion", melodic and well poised - I love the latter, I'm big into pads and huge beats, again there's a sense of familiarity with Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros but with an added metal/industrial Nine Inch Nails kind of edge (who would have thought it was possible to have Sigur Ros and Nine Inch Nails in the same comparison). They list themselves as "Punk/Ambient/Dub" and I think that's fair enough.

John Merrick I've been putting off talking about electronic act John Merrick for weeks, his MySpace link has sat at the bottom of several posts only to be moved forward multiple times. The only reason being that I wanted to have enough space spare to do justice to his music and I'm going to close with him today. I can only assume that the name was chosen for the Elephant Man reference as it isn't the artist's real name!

When "The World's Virus" kicks in, I'm brought to carbon dioxide filled drum and bass clubs, grainy sci-fi scenes of people, inwardly focused and independent, dancing in a personal and private shell. The only connection is the music and it's utterly absorbing, the jangle of resonant filters and insanely compacted beats.

Do take some time to listen to these tunes, I just can't believe this guy isn't signed and has released nothing as yet. I'll see if I can persuade him to self-publish something, I'll certainly be a buyer.

Night night.

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