Elbow grease

Not a massive fan of Elbow but really liking their new single - its got massed vocals, a killer bass riff and a video with a fat singer banging a glass on a table. Its a winner!

Elbow - "Grounds for divorce"

I have one of their early albums somewhere but it never made much of an impression on me. Much better is their nifty version of "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child as seen below being played by kittens...

Elbow - "Independent Women"

I'm also going to throw in Tungg's "Bullets" from last year because I think the singers got a very similar voice to the guy from Elbow (he's not as fond of the pies though...).

Tunng - Bullets

Thats all I have for now - sorry these aren't more autobiographical like Ferg's posts. He really ought to be off working on his album...

[ferg]...that's true, I've been up since 7am and all I've done so far is write about music and play guitar for 20 mins .. Elbow's Grace Under Pressure is a cracker by the way

Youtube vid below..

Elbow - Grace Under Pressure