Zafrani Tikka Revenge

I had planned on spending this Sunday afternoon listening to lots of music and preparing this blog entry - unfortunately for me, the dodgy takeaway I had last night had distinctly different ideas so I've spent most of the day lying on the couch groaning and the rest of the time in the porcelain room.. I feel like hell - 'nuff said.

I'm going to just do a mini version of what I had set out to do. I want to take a look at Modular Recordings (, because there's a fountain of fantastic music erupting from the southern hemisphere and Modular Recordings have a lot to do with it. It's very likely that you will have heard of some of their major bands including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Klaxons, The Avalanches, Soulwax, Jack Johnson and Wolfmother. New Young Pony Club you've heard on a previous blog entry and now I want to introduce four bands with some excellent music to offer.

Have a listen to these tracks, I'll come back to all of these bands properly at a later stage when I'm feeling a little better. Cat and the Eye stands out for me - excellent track!

Plug in City: Broke on a Wheel
Van She: Cat and the Eye
Cut Copy: So Haunted
Muscles: Ice Cream

I'm going leave Interpol's "Our Love to Admire" and the second CD of DJ Kub's Tarmac Soul until I'm feeling a bit better - so maybe I'll publish a second entry towards the middle of the week.

*grey pale ferg*