on my radio

A couple of tracks I heard recently on that bastion of cutting edge music, er, Today FM. In fairness, despite the terrible middle of the road crap they serve up during the day, they have 2 of the better alternative DJs plying their trade in the evenings, Tom Dunne and Donal Dineen.

Dineen's show in particular is consistently excellent and he plays a wide mix of stuff you just don't hear anywhere else - its just a shame they have him going out after midnight (you can however download his shows from www.todayfm.com).

This is a tune he's been spinning lately - a surprisingly laidback slice of house from LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem - 33-45 (Pt 2)


Nicked from heavy-rotation on Tom Dunne's show is MGMT who I've seen listed on several websites as a "hot tip for 2008" - so remember, you heard it here last... they're variously described as an "electro White Stripes", "poppier Flaming Lips" and "jazz-fusion Take That" (maybe)

MGMT - "Time to pretend"


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