Musical conversations, Hip hop and R&B in Dublin

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I love the Web, I love music and I love the way that the sales and distribution revolution that is currently in progress across the Internet is exposing music from myriad genres to people from all over the world. People that previously, would
have had no idea of its existence, let alone the opportunity to search, filter, choose, choose again and choose again until they've found *exactly* what they want and more.

With this in mind, and as a follow on from my music technology difficulties last week I ended up popping a few messages to a producer of R&B and Hip hop called BioRhythm, living and working hard in Dublin - I was curious to know how he puts together his beats 'cause I'm thinking of getting a new sampler, turns out he uses a great piece of software called Reason, which I was checking out a couple of days ago myself. Check out his profile and have a listen to his beat samples, some good solid foundations.

From BioRhythm's profile I found my way to Kay-Jay Brown (also based in Dublin) and found a girl with a honey sweet voice and a chilled approach that I really enjoyed listening to last night in between working on the structure of "Keeping Things Warm" and "Unwind" for my own current acoustic project.

Kay is supporting Rihanna for her upcoming show in the RDS at the end of February - while this is no doubt a fantastic gig for her to have achieved, I suspect she'd really shine on a bill with someone a little harder edged like Missy Elliott. That I'd really like to see, soon I hope. :) I wish both Kay Jay and Biorhythm the best of luck for 2008 and I'm looking forward to hearing more from both of them as soon as it's out there.

On to some driving tunes... and yay! last I'm finally getting around to talking about the second part of DJ Kub 's Tarmac Soul "driving across the states with sod all cash" compilation. What a great set Dave! .. I really enjoyed it. As with the last CD there's too much for me to go through every track, so I'll just mention a couple that stand out and point you to where you can listen to the whole caboodle.

Hearing Yeah Yeah Yeahs kicking in after Aldo Nova's Fantasy is just so cool.. talk about mega contrast, is it my imagination or was Fantasy used in one of those early John Cusack movies like Better Off Dead or Tapeheads? .. I can't remember, but it has an UTTERLY HILARIOUS video, which kicks in when he lasers open a door with the headstock of a Gibson Les Paul.

I am reminded of a scene in Better Off Dead, when John Cusack's character is coerced into working in a burger bar and has this bizarre Frankenstein-esque scene where he imagines bringing life to a burger-man that then plays electric guitar - 80s style! - I highly recommend buying this movie on DVD, only costs about $2 and is worth every cent :D

Then there's a lovely little sequence of tunes as follows
- Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes
- Johnny Cash, Rock Island Line which has to rank as an all time great tune. It truly *feels* like a train thumping along.
- Gus Cannon, Walk Right In
- Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, Too Late to Turn Back Now

Seriously, take the time to download this mix and line it up on your player, either on a cold rainy weekend morning at home, or a grim and grey public transport trip to work - I challenge you to not feel great after listening to Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too by Say Anything followed by Suco de Tangerina from the Beastie Boys. Top selections.

Here's the link to Tarmac Soul 1B, and again, I really dorecommend listening to the full mix.

Tonight, Friday. I had a couple of pints with Kub, Guinness for him and Bulmers for Ferg - a good evening, great tunes and good conversation rolled by. I'm trying to convince him to get his road trip experience across The Lost Continent, catalogued musically as "Tarmac Soul" the book, a musical travelog hooking places and stories to sounds. I think it would make great reading.

Later, when I got home, as the first few minutes of that utterly dire movie "Hackers* rolled by, I was left in a cloud of confusion as it was accompanied by Orbital's Halcyon - what the fuck are you meant to do when faced with audio perfection?

.. I was dragged willing and ready back to the 90s, road trips with friends, chemical trips with virtual brothers and music that injects a new memory in to every moment. I always want more and it doesn't matter how shit Hackers is, the reminder is in place and worth the emotional cost. Orbital - Halycon, a musical epic. The Marigolds were a little curious.

Beyond this momentary distraction and one of Hollywood's attempts at approaching the kind of world that William Gibson created for the Internet to fill. Nowhere near the butchery that was inflicted upon Johnny Mnemonic by the movie machina - and of course waiting, breath baited for Hyperion and Neuromancer, when technology catches up with imagination - I'm reminded of audio performances and the elation associated with jazz sampled drum'n'bass, LTJ Bukem, Logical Progression and the Metalheadz, Platinum Breakz. I guess I'm in a musically aggressive mood. But I still want more.

I want Chiba city at 3am, water dripping from the towers into bustling sidestreets, neon lit, shadowed and dangerous but vibrant, alive with consumerism and everything that the revolution can and will bring. The soundtrack to these images is subdued but relentless - like Heliosphan and Xtal by Aphex Twin

I think that's enough for now, the music choice is getting selfish, bed beckons and another day approaches so I leave you Alone Together - Human Beings, feel good electronica from Japan.

Have a good weekend. :)


shweeney said…
wow ferg - is this the first draft of your novel? ;-)

digging the orbital and aphex track naturally and I'll give the tarmac soul mix a spin later (anything that has JC doing Rock Island Line has to be good).a

But the Alone Together track sounds like the demo program on a Casio played at max tempo!