MyCold, MySpace..

I've listened to so much new music this week that I don't even know where to possibly with sifting through it.. I suppose as a starting point to see what I'm on about, you could have a glance at my own MySpace page (chillyferg) and see the amount of bands I've added to my friend list in this short amount of time.

This is down to me having a rotten cold during the middle of the week and having to spend a couple of days at home, the first of which I was too wrecked to work and spent my time trawling MySpace for good tunes and interesting profiles. Needless to say, when traversing the long tail, there's no accounting for what you may find.

So I'm going to mention a song from a few different bands of greatly differing types and stages in their careers.

Afternoon Zero are from Toronto - these guys remind a little of Greenday and JimmyEatWorld melded together with REM and Matchbox 20. Have a listen to Wake Up Call - poppy, radio friendly and likely to do well.

Eisley - I really like what I've heard so far of this band; a cool layered vocal sound that is reminscent of some of Abba's layering with some seriously indie, Rickenbacker guitar slaughter kicking in from time to time. Check out Many Funerals- great great song, a folk verse with a metal chorus riff!!

Hailing from Texas, the fact that they're a family band (DuPree) makes them more intriguing and then there's the cross the board good looks. MMMBop? - I don't bloody think so. This band has world taking potential - the short end.

Tearwave (who I actually noticed quite a while ago and have found myself returning to for repeat listens) are a strangely compelling goth/indie/shoegazy band.

I love layered and driven guitar noise with female vocals - so I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. Their sound makes me think of Curve, Slowdive, Lush and My Bloody Valentine. Start with Lotus Flower and Dream Bliss; the latter is a lovely track with a haunting dark vocal, pushing beat and lovely second half when the song breaks away into lilting pop. Move on to Comfort in Angels Wings and you're into Slowdive territory and Under The Milky Way feels like the most well formed song on their MySpace profile, I really like it. Definitely give them the time for a repeat listen, it's well worth it.

Last Up is The Cribs - another family band (Jarman)! These guys have a bit of The Longcut and Stereophonics going on. It's strange, for some reason the song I tend to like most on many band's profiles is the one that has the least plays, at this stage I always play that track first and in this case it's Moving Pictures.



PS - Got my new bike today and two of the hugest locks known to man.