Free festive furry fun.

Imagine a world where you could download mp3s for nothing - wouldn't that be crazy! Well quit your daydreaming because that world is now this world.

Super Furry Animals are giving away their vaguely christmassy single "The gift that keeps giving" and you can download it free, gratis, for nowt here!

And as an added bonus here is the very same song charmingly recorded for 2FM a few months back. This track is not free however and if you want to listen to it you must send a cheque for 99c to Gerry Ryan.

Super Furry Animals - "The gift that keeps giving (RTE session)"

I'm going to totally pillage Jools Holland's show here - I've just seen these guys play this "live" on Jools Holland - it was sensational; 3 Les Pauls, lots of beards and a simple song with a riot of layered guitar noise. Tell me, what would a Christmas be without at least one big beard?
.. listen to "Is there a Ghost".

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