Electro, Rock, House, Techno, Pop, Flurben Glurben ?

Ah new music, New Wave, New Genres. For those of us who can remember at least three decades of music you'd think we have heard it all by now. And to be honest, most of the time we have! But sometimes an act can come along and completely reinvent a previously used hook or beat from a recent or different era. I'm not talking about remixes here, I'll touch on that in a future thread. But its not uncommon these days to hear a new song and think "Yes Its good, but only because its sounds like X or Y".

07 has seen the rise of new acts that while sounding somehow familiar are offering something completely refreshing. These are bands that are hard to place in any kind of specific genre. They sit well with the Muddy Festival goers as much as they do with Disco Divas and Turntable Dj's or whatever your into.

Anyway here is a sample of some of these new wave funksters.

New Young Pony Club



Does it offend you, Yeah?

And Finally, Not so much a new Band but one that always produces quaility new music. The latest offering from the excellent ...

Hot Chip