Upwardly Mobile..

I had very clear and precise plans of what today's injection of music was going to be.. but it's all been fecked about by the twat that stole my bike this evening.

In a 20 minute window between Alan popping out of the office for a smoke and us leaving to go for a pint, some tosser smashed up the lock attaching the bike to a lamppost (there was a second one holding the front wheel to the frame) and pissed off with my trusty Specialized (without a saddle!) that I've had for about 5 years at this stage. I'll miss it!!

.. but, c'est la vie.. bikes get nicked in Dublin - it's a fact of life. Nonetheless my tune has to become a song that I really don't like.. cliche upon cliche.. it's gotta be "Bicycle Race" by Queen. :D :D :D

There's something about naked women on bicycles that appeal to the red blooded male.. strange...

Ok, back on schedule - I've gotta nod to my chief musical maven. Over the last couple of years he's pushed a massive amount of great music (and some utter drivel) my way and this week it's the album Steingarten by Pole.

Pole: Steingarten - http://wc05.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:dpfuxzl5ldse

"The cover photo of Schloss Neuschwanstein is an apt visual metaphor for
the music found within: ornate, serene, untouched almost to the point of
it looking slightly surreal, like it was constructed of Lego as opposed
to brick and mortar. It looks bright and inviting, even cozy in places,
but is surrounded by desolate, snow-covered mountains, almost too
perfect to exist in this reality. The layout is intricate and sprawling,
but somehow conveys a sense of simplicity and economy. Just as this
castle could easily be a snowblind mirage, Pole's music exists in its
own pocket universe-but one close enough to reality to be easily grasped
and related to." - Kev P.

Great album - electro-bleep to the core and definitely gets me in the mood for some bicycle shopping tomorrow.


Liam - you're up.