Mavens and Connectors

This week I've been reading (a term I find baffling in its continued use for listening to audiobooks) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It's something of a bible for marketeers and discusses the parallels between spread of epidemics and the patterns that occur in a sociological sense when something unusual transitions over a period of time to becoming commonplace.

What does that mean? - an example used in the book is of a shoe that is at the end of its fashion lifecycle becoming massively popular again through an apparently random sequence of of events and the sociological pattern that is actually present.

So, in from the musical perspective this means that I'm going to rely on my mavens this evening and myself, act as a connector. The mavens are Mike and Alan and the bands that I'm connecting you with are "Does it offend you, yeah?" and "The Battles".

Let's Make Out by Does it offend you, yeah? is just brilliant - squawking, electronoise with a fantastic animated video and a freaky animated man thing.. it rocks. (

Atlas by The Battles is bizarre - I don't know what on earth these guys were on when they came up with their sound - but it's strangely compelling, it's like they got a new vocoder and genetically fused it to a chipmonk and then decided to use the offspring on every song. It's no surprise whatsoever that they're on Warp records - stable mates of Autechre and Aphex Twin really adds up.

The video reminds me a bit of some of the White Stripes ones, I wonder if a common director/production company is involved? well mavens can you tell us? (

Hope you enjoy them both, oh and read The Tipping Point, it's really excellent.



shweeney said…
been listening to the Battles track for a while now. Its is really unlike anything else out there, but not sure I could take an entire album of it. Full version is about 8 minutes.
chillyspoon said…
I know what you mean - I'm the same, it's unrelenting!