Friday MP3 - not quite number 1

I've finally given in.

About a year and half ago I started the Friday MP3 email list as a means of sharing music that I like with my friends.

In the time since, it has ceased being an actual MP3 file being sent around, these days I usually take the easy way out with a video on or MySpace.

But what have me here are a couple of things that have become apparent more and more as time has gone by..

- Firstly, the great feedback from my friends on the songs that I have sent around - particularly in the form of "replies in kind" - I love that I now receive emails with the subject line "Friday MP3", "Monday MP3" (and other variations thereof) referencing music that I've never heard before - that's what it's all about, the list has prompted responses, positive and negative.

- Secondly, whether I like it or not, I have ended up using the list as a bit of a vehicle for getting my opinions (mostly musical) across and I have found myself thinking; "should I finally bite the bullet and start blogging the Friday MP3?"

In a sense I had already started; I add each weekly email to both my MySpace ( and Bebo ( blogs - usually I don't embellish the text, merely paste in what I have written in the email and leave it at that; but neither of those personal spaces was really intended for that kind of blogging. I suppose they're more about personal and musical notes (urk! - forgive the pun)

So what I am going to do, is transfer as many "back editions" of the Friday MP3 email to this blog and then it will become the starting point for all future emails and posts (I'll still transfer them to Bebo and MySpace if that is manageable).

For everyone, particularly Mike, Liam, Simon and Kev who frequently let me know *exactly* what you think of the tunes I've selected, please post the responses publicly here (self censoring as appropriate please!) so that everyone else can share the cool tracks you're listening to.

Let's see how it goes - it could be that like the vast majority of newbie bloggers, I'll end up posting enthusiastically for a couple of weeks and then let it slip slowly into the pile of web detritus that is clogging up the Internerd.

Perhaps the phrase "clogger" is more appropriate? - you heard it first here!



mike said…
Great stuff Ferg, The "Friday Mp3" has finally snowballed and developed a life of its own. Only good can come of this!

Anyway just on that last track you sent around. Bronski Beats, "Small Town Boy". Dont know why but it reminded my of these guys.

Yes of course its LCD Soundsystem (come on now who didnt see this coming) ;-)

Already looking forward to next Fri ;-)